Raspberries Don’t Grow in Winter

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve never really understood the true seasonality of food.  You never thought twice about a BLT in the dead of winter or a baked potato mid-summer.  But brace yourself, because I’m about to drop some serious truth on you…food, especially the fresh, healthy type, doesn’t grow all year long!

Those tomatoes you bought in December aren’t fresh…in fact, they’re grown in a land far, far away, preserved by chemicals with names to hard to pronounce, and shipped in by plane, train, and automobile to arrive at your local supermarket.

I have no idea what this means

Now, you could conveniently ignore this fact, or, like the most avant-garde restaurants and Chef’s, you could plan your meals by their seasonal availability.  Doing so allows you to dine on the finest ingredients, grown by local farmers, and at the peak of deliciousness.  The choice is yours, but is this really a choice at all?

And if your gonna eat well at home, shouldn’t you eat well at your wedding?

That’s why our Chef, Guillermo Tellez, uses the same ethos of fresh, local ingredients while preparing your wedding menu.  Whether for 15 or 50, he makes sure every dish incorporates the foods of the season.  Take a look at some of the dishes we’ve used at our recent events

Organic Field Greens from Blue Moon Acres Farm in Buckingham PA

Beef Short Ribs from the Brandywine River

Incorporating seasonal ingredients in your diet is a good idea – it promotes variety and healthy eating habits (doritos are NOT seasonal).  Incorporating seasonal ingredients for your event is a great idea…trust us, your guests will thank you.


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