Another Award? Oh, You Shouldn’t Have!

Well, to be honest this award isn’t new…we won this one a couple of months ago, but it took some time to acquire the paperwork and put it up here.  Give me a break – I mean, if I had to post every award we win, when would I have time to plan events?

There are the environmental awards (green key, LEED certification), the hotel awards (#1 on trip advisor pretty much since opening day, #2 trendiest hotel in USA) and the event awards ( editors choice, best of philly).  Am I bragging?  Well, yes.

But nevertheless, we were still excited when Philly Mag’s wedding publication, Philadelphia Weddings, announced we were chosen as one of the best venues in Philadelphia for under 150 guests!

For anyone out there planning a smaller event or wedding, you know how difficult it can be.  Most places are focused on the big parties, so either you are priced out of the space, or they stick you in the smaller, less-grand ballroom down the steps and around the corner.  You won’t be the only event in house, and most of the staff will be servicing the larger party.

But not here, oh no.  We’re a boutique property and proud of it, so our space is smaller, more intimate, and best of all, we only host 1 event at at time!  So when your wedding (or cocktail party, or brunch) is happening, you can rest assured you’re receiving our full attention.

Here’s a copy of our award…you can find us in the left column (under 150), 3rd one down


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