I’ll Have What She’s Having

The wedding tasting is often one of the best parts of the wedding planning process.  It’s a chance for you, your spouse, and maybe a few others (industry standards usually allow 4 guests for tastings) to try the food that will be served at your wedding, as well as get a feel for the table sets, decor, and service style of your chosen venue or caterer.

Normally we here at PHP schedule our tastings Monday – Friday, from 3pm – 5pm, 8 to 10 weeks out from your date.  The timing allows our Chef Guillermo to be present, so he can discuss ideas, flavors, and accompaniments with you in person.  It also allows you to see the freshest ingredients we are offering – Chef changes the menu seasonally, so tasting too far out from your date and you’ll miss a chance to sample the locally grown heirloom tomatoes or organic squash blossoms that really make your dinner fit for foodies.

But this then presents a problem – many couples use their invitations as menu cards, allowing guests to choose their dinner when they RSVP.  But waiting to within 10 weeks to send out invites? Not a chance!

So how do you reconcile this dilemma?  How do you send out invites 12 months in advance if you don’t choose your offerings until 10 weeks prior?  It’s actually rather simple.  Take a look at these two sample invitations

Notice anything about the menu?  It’s generic! 

This is the solution to the tasting-invitation problem.  Pick your proteins ahead of time – maybe a steak and fish, or chicken and vegetable, whatever you want to serve.  Send this out on the invite, and let your guests choose.  Then, when you have your tasting, you can pick your favorite preparation, and surprise and delight your guests with a seasonally appropriate dinner.

Except in rare circumstances (allergies, severe avoidance of a certain type of food) most people choose their dishes by protein anyway, with the accompaniments as a secondary consideration.  We’ve used this method before with great success, and continue to recommend it to all our couples.  Give it a try, you’ll find it’s simple, easy, and best of all, something you can check off your list!


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