A Knight to Remember

Ask any Philadelphian, and they will tell you this city knows how to party.  Whether it’s tailgating before a Phillies game, clubbing in olde city, or a gala at the art museum, never a weekend goes by without booze that needs drinking and rugs that need cutting.

But every now and then, like a surprise storm, something comes through that just totally blows the lid off this city.  A party so stylish, so star-studded, so epic, that it reaches far beyond the familiar pages of Philly Mag and into the national conversation.  That party took place right here, at Hotel Palomar Philadelphia, on April 4.

Let’s rewind a bit and start at the beginning – Sir Richard Branson (the knight!) decides that his airline, Virgin America, is going to begin running non-stop flights out of Philadelphia Airport.  And to celebrate this new venture, he wants to throw a party.  But Virgin is no cookie cutter airline, and this can’t be just another cookie cutter party.  It had to have a WOW factor.  So naturally, they came to us.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than tell you about it, I’m going to show you.  Since the bash was picked up by so many media outlets, I’ve organized all the links below.  Keep an eye out for your favorite personalities, like (now I’m name dropping) Amber Rose, Terrance Howard, M. Night Shyamalan, the Philadelphia Flyers, Penn Badgeley, Seth Green, and more…

Event Photos from SmugMug
Philly Post
City Paper
Big Rube’s Street Gazing Blog
Virgin America’s Facebook Page

DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Video (same as above)
Philly.com Video

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