It’s All About You…and a Little About Them

It’s your day.  We know that.  You know that.  Your guests know that.  But oftentimes, as your time fills up with hair appointments, bridal luncheons, photos, and all the hoopla that is involved in a modern wedding, your guests day is filled up with…ummm…well…aimless wandering and lifetime movies.

Fast forward to your wedding day – a beautiful, sunny Saturday, with little birds chirping and hopping around and sewing your dress (wait, i think that was snow white).  Your ceremony begins at 4:00pm sharp, which leaves your guests, ohhh, about 6 hours to kill before the big event.  What are they supposed to do?

It is an often over-looked component of the wedding weekend.  Most likely anyone staying at the hotel is from out of town – which means their weekend in Philadelphia is also a weekend away from home, work, children, or any/all of the above.  While they will surely enjoy your wedding, (especially here at the Palomar), it might be a nice idea to give them some extracurricular activities as well.

This leaves you some options.

  1. You can go through the trouble of finding interesting, exciting, and unique experiences, organizing them, and finding ways to get them into your guests hands
  2. Leave your friends and family on their own, to search through thousands of webpages and yelp reviews to find a relevant activity
  3. Let Hotel Palomar’s staff take over, with their local knowledge and incomparable hipness, to direct them to the best places to eat, play, and learn.

You see, we go out of our way to find the best locals we can, so our staff is not only friendly and professional, but well-versed in all the things that make Philadelphia great.  Wiz Wit please!

In order to make it easy for all, we’ve added a special page on our website, so that you and your guests can learn to Live Like a Local.  Or, find us on Facebook for real-time updates of the best of the best of the best of the best.  Seriously, it’s that good.

– php

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