Immediate Event Gratification

Hard to believe, but there was a time, not too long ago, when things were different.  A time when the closest thing to mobile communication was a cordless landline, email was only sent through AOL, and wooly mammoths freely roamed the earth…well, maybe that last part isn’t true, but it felt that long ago.

The modern, urban wooly mammoth

During this golden age of event planning, parties were planned many months, if not years ahead of time.  Weddings as well – throwing a full wedding with only 3 months of planning (cue gasp!?!) was deemed impossible.

But times have changed, and whether it is due to the increasing efficiency of the wedding machine or simply the immediate gratification that we now demand, it is not uncommon for us to field the hurried call of brides looking to get hitched within the next six months – and sometimes the next 3!

So how do you pull together such a large scale event in such a small time frame?  Well, here are a few tips that work well for us here at Hotel Palomar

  1. Venues that can supply everything you need can streamline the process.  Hotels in general (and Palomar specifically :)) have enough tables, chairs, plates, glasses, etc. in stock to handle the largest event their rooms can hold.  If you decide to use, say, that really cool community garden you saw in the wedding mag, you will need to rent everything separately, adding time, frustration, and ultimately expense, to the big day.
  2. Decide what’s most important, and finalize those details first.  While you may have always dreamt of riding into your wedding on the back of a white elephant, you’re probably better off making sure your DJ and photographer are booked first.  It’s the details that will kill you – there are so many more than you ever imagined, so keep it simple.  Once the basics are done, if you have extra time, add some pizzazz.
  3. Cut down the size of your wedding.  Less guests means less details which means less planning.  Added bonus: less headache
  4. Book you wedding with someone you trust.  You can’t go it alone, and having an experience planner at your side can increase the efficiency of your efforts 10 fold.  Most venues have planners on staff to help with the details – and some of those have won awards, like our very own wedding extraordinaire Jim Weber.

There are more of course, but we can’t give away all the secrets just yet.  You’ll have to call and talk to us for those.

(pssst…over here…I’ll give you one more – forget guest choice in entrees.  Pick a duet, preferably meat/fish, and serve everyone the same meal.  No more coordinating 100+ choices on your floor plan, and everyone gets a little something they want.)

– php

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