A Home is More than a House


The perfect marriage of venue and vision

Choosing a wedding venue is always the most exciting part of the planning process.  It’s one of the first things you do after getting engaged, and there’s no better way to get psyched up for the big day than visiting beautiful locations with the love of your life.

But patience is of the utmost importance during this stage of planning.  It’s easy to fall in love with a space and rush to sign the contract, especially if you’re interested in one of the cities most coveted dates (I’m looking at you Saturdays in October!).  But before you take the plunge and lose that non-refundable deposit, it’s important to assess how each particular venue fits into your wedding day plans.

For example, say you’ve always dreamt of riding into your wedding on a proud white steed (I prefer a hippo, but they’re hard to come by in philadelphia, and besides, who keeps a stash of pearls around to feed them?).

At least you can choose your color

To fulfill this childhood dream would be impossible at most center city venues, even here at the ever-flexible Hotel Palomar (though we would love to make this happen, I don’t think a progression of wild stallions would fit on the elevator to our 25th floor Burnham Ballroom). In this situation, you’d have to widen your search to include the suburbs and more rural locations.

That situation may be a bit dramatic, but it illustrates our point – venue selection is incredibly important, both for the look you desire, and also for the type and style of event you plan to have.

Another example – say your heart is set on a 1o piece polka band (really?!? well, it’s your wedding…) but your guest list is only 100 strong, and you’d like an “intimate” venue.  Well, most “intimate” venues would get blown out by a 10 piece band, leaving you and your guest’s ears ringing for days afterward. Here you have to choose: 10 piece polka band, or small venue.  They are pretty much mutually exclusive.

I could go on all day, but you get the idea.  Choosing a venue is about more than just the right decor, or the right size, or even the right food.  It’s a combination of all these things and more.  So before you sign that contract and cut the check, be sure that your venue is able to accommodate the plans you have made (or dream of) for the big day.

– php

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