The Start of Something Good

Though this blog is geared towards weddings (couldn’t you tell?) we are no one-trick pony here at PHP.  All sorts of events take place within our walls, from business meetings to cocktail receptions and everything in between.

We recently had the honor of being the first host of a new monthly event, known sleekly and simply as hotel.  Thrown by PR powerhouse Cheldin Bartlett Rumer over at I-G Creative, the parties will feature a new hotel every month (though first impressions are always the most important…).

Over on the IG site they posted some great shots of the evening, so I recommend you go over and check them out.  If you’re lucky, maybe you can get on their mailing list and be invited to next one!

Here are a few just to get you started though

No party is complete without some food...Check out the Mediterranean Station prepared by Chef Guillermo Tellez

More food!

The party was sponsored by Ciroc Vodka, so the crowd got to enjoy free premium cocktails all evening.  Thanks Sean!

– php

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Raspberries Don’t Grow in Winter

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve never really understood the true seasonality of food.  You never thought twice about a BLT in the dead of winter or a baked potato mid-summer.  But brace yourself, because I’m about to drop some serious truth on you…food, especially the fresh, healthy type, doesn’t grow all year long!

Those tomatoes you bought in December aren’t fresh…in fact, they’re grown in a land far, far away, preserved by chemicals with names to hard to pronounce, and shipped in by plane, train, and automobile to arrive at your local supermarket.

I have no idea what this means

Now, you could conveniently ignore this fact, or, like the most avant-garde restaurants and Chef’s, you could plan your meals by their seasonal availability.  Doing so allows you to dine on the finest ingredients, grown by local farmers, and at the peak of deliciousness.  The choice is yours, but is this really a choice at all?

And if your gonna eat well at home, shouldn’t you eat well at your wedding?

That’s why our Chef, Guillermo Tellez, uses the same ethos of fresh, local ingredients while preparing your wedding menu.  Whether for 15 or 50, he makes sure every dish incorporates the foods of the season.  Take a look at some of the dishes we’ve used at our recent events

Organic Field Greens from Blue Moon Acres Farm in Buckingham PA

Beef Short Ribs from the Brandywine River

Incorporating seasonal ingredients in your diet is a good idea – it promotes variety and healthy eating habits (doritos are NOT seasonal).  Incorporating seasonal ingredients for your event is a great idea…trust us, your guests will thank you.


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It’s Cheesesteak Challenge Time!

Fall is here, and that can only mean one thing here at Hotel Palomar – it’s Cheesesteak Challenge time!

For any of you out there who have been living under a rock for the past year, the Cheesesteak Challenge is quickly becoming an institution here in Philadelphia, where every October we pit some of the best chefs in the city against each other, to see re-think and innovate on our most beloved of sandwiches – the cheesesteak!

If you weren’t at last year’s event, you missed out on some crazy variations of the basic “whiz wit” that could really knock your socks off.  It was a blast, and tons of people showed up to eat, drink, and of course judge.  Though there is a panel of judges, we take the crowds opinion very seriously…

So dust off your eatin’ pants and get down here on Sunday, October 16 for the Cheesesteak Feast!

– php


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A Wedding and a Hurricane

Weddings are no doubt a joyful time, one where family and friends can get together and enjoy the good company, good food, and good drinks.  You can plan every detail of your event, but there is one aspect that will never be under your control – the weather.

Our most recent bride and groom, Jennifer and Avery, learned this first-hand, when Hurricane Irene came tearing up the East Coast on their wedding weekend.  Needless to say, it was an unwelcome headache.

So what do you do when guests are hesitant to travel, the hotel is quickly filling up (we took in a number of evacuated or marooned guests either stuck in philly or forced to leave their homes), and a hurricane is barreling down on you?

Well you press forward of course!  Luckily, Philadelphia was largely spared the devastating consequences of Irene, and the wedding went off without a hitch.  The hotel did a great job helping out and keeping everyone busy and entertained, offering shelter for both families & pets, in addition to free wine and a movie room set up for the kids.

To see for yourself, check out some of the fantastic photos of Avery and Jennifer’s wedding over at Bliss Photography, rain and all.  The staff at Bliss did a fantastic job of finding some interesting and eye catching spots in the hotel for pictures, since no one could go outside in the downpour!


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A Stop Motion Wedding

A common question we get asked is whether or not a bride and groom should hire a videographer for their wedding.  Oftentimes, the best advice we can give is…that’s up to you.  It really comes down to personal preference (and sometimes budget!).

Recently, we happened upon a really cool way to bridge the gap – a short, time lapsed video of your entire wedding night.  It’s an interesting idea, and a really cool way to keep anyone with a short attention span interested.

This video comes to us from Remixologists, a three-man DJ group that created the video for our bride and groom, Christine and Mike (as well as kept the party going with some great music!)

This is the first time we’ve seen this sort of video, so if it interests you be sure to ask your photographer/videographer if they create one for you.  Or, you can always drop a line to the Remixologists and Hotel Palomar to see what we can do for you!

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Let My People Eat!

Appeasing the varied diets and taste preferences at your wedding or event can be an overwhelming task.  So, in order to make your event go as smoothly as possible, take some advice from the pros.

First, accept the inevitable – you cannot please everyone.  No matter how carefully you select your menu, no matter how perfect your “Al Pastor” Amish Chicken entree is, at least one of your guests would have preferred pasta.  To each his own.

Now that you’ve come to terms with this unavoidable dilemma, choose a menu that inspires you, and do your best to predict the taste preferences of your guests (don’t go with steak if your guest list is mostly vegetarian).

In a best case scenario, you’ll be feeding a party with varied food preferences and no serious dietary restrictions.  But how do you deal with a small group, or even a single person, who has a very strict diet?  Say, someone who is Glatt Kosher? (I chose this because we recently accommodated one such request).

Glatt Kosher means, for those who don’t know,

to the status of meat which is determined to be in accordance with the highest standards of Kashrut (kosher laws).

This situation has two options.  You can either pull your hair out trying to accommodate this guest, or, you can have your party here at Hotel Palomar, and let us take care of everything for you. Here is a step by step breakdown of the process.

Step one – find out who on your guest list had dietary restrictions, and what those are

Step two – let us know

That’s it.  You see, the right event planners will handle all the details, leaving you to enjoy the event you’ve worked so hard to organize.

In our example, we mentioned a single guest for a large event who only eats Glatt Kosher. To accommodate this need, our team scouted out multiple Glatt Kosher caterers, then worked with the best of them to craft a menu as similar to the event menu as possible. This allowed the guest to eat with her family and friends and not miss a course, a flavor, or a texture.

How do we make all this work?  Well, that’s a trade secret, but trust us, we didn’t win best of philly for nothing!

– php

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We’re The Best…Around! No One’s Ever Gonna Keep Us Down!

Sure, we may be tooting our own horn a bit, but if you got it, flaunt it right?

In case you haven’t heard, Hotel Palomar won the brides philadelphia Editor’s Choice Award!  We are now (well, we always were, but now we are officially recognized) as one of the best wedding venues in the universe!  Ok, ok, maybe just Philadelphia.

The judges based their decision on 3 criteria:

  • Professionalism – Do they return calls?  Can they handle a budget challenge?
  • Command of Category – Are they experts?  Do they have a proven track record?
  • Innovation – Are they growing and changing creatively?

The team over at brides sent us a wonderful little gift packet, and since they know how much we love showing off our credentials, this neat little certificate

So if you’re interested in planning the most innovative, meticulous, all-your-friends-will-forever-be-jealous wedding with one of the most celebrated venues in Philadelphia, your only an email away.

– Php

ps – if you’re into 1980’s movie soundtracks, try guessing what movie/song the article title was taken from…

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